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Come and fish for fun and prizes. With over $60,000 in prizes awarded each season, take your chance at winning the $10,000 grand prize for the largest Chinook (King) salmon of the season, one of the other season ending big prizes, or try for one of the daily or weekly prizes. Fish must be caught on a charterboat that is a member of the Westport Charterboat Association and the fisher must have purchased a derby ticket that would be signed by the skipper of the vessel and weighed officially at the Charterboat Association Derby weigh station. All Grand prizes are paid in October.

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Fishing is always at Westport!

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Come on over to the Westport/Grayland area for your fishing fun.  Whether you choose to go Offshore Fishing with one of our fantastic Charter Boat Services, bring your own boat to brave the deep, or are just out for some Onshore Fishing, Crabbing or Clamming, this is the place to come and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime. 

For more information about any of these activities, or periodic fishing reports, click one of the links below.


Offshore Fishing

The Westport/Grayland area offers a wide variety of salt-water fishing.  We are located on the Washington coast and have a first class fishing port.  Westport boasts the title of "Sport Fishing Capital of the World".  Below is a list of some of our fishing activities.    

ROCKFISH - LING COD TRIPS...  The folks who take these trips bring home lots of delicious white meat fish. Daily trips are taken from mid March through late October.  Some charters run year round, weather permitting.  Charters take a full day, leaving early in the morning and returning around 3:00 to 4:00 pm.  Usually Black Rockfish are targeted first, and then, if time permits, people fish for Ling Cod.  Rockfish generally run 1 to 2 lbs each and Ling Cod weigh anywhere from 12 lbs. to 40 or 50 lbs..  Some trips target Ling Cod specifically and Rockfish are taken incidentally.  Live anchovy or frozen herring is used as bait.  Deckhands on the charter boats will fillet your catch for $5 to $7.  Local canneries will vacuum pack it for you for a fee.  Most people who take these trips catch their limits or near-limits of Rockfish and a few Ling Cod.  Occasionally we “double limit” with both species when fishing is hot.  For information about regulations or limits go to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife website or click here to contact one or our Charter Boat Services.  For a current report, click on Offshore Fishing Report.

HALIBUT...  Halibut fishing off Westport has become increasingly popular. Seasons are normally short but very profitable to the angler.  Check out the Offshore Fishing Report for current information about Halibut fishing in our area.  In addition, you can contact one of our Charter Boat Services or the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife website for current information about the Halibut season and limits. 
58-pound Halibut caught May 5, 2002 aboard the Blue Water.
Photo courtesy of Angler Charters

Here's a nice catch of two Silvers
weighing about  8 to 10 lbs. each.
Photo courtesy of American Sunset RV
SALMON...  Fish for the mighty Pacific Chinook or Coho Salmon.  Salmon season is announced the second week of April each year.  Look at the Offshore Fishing Report for current Salmon fishing information   For season updates and regulations, contact your favorite Charter Boat Service or check the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife website.  Generally, fresh or frozen herring is used as bait along with a 20 - 25 lb. test leader.  Most charters leave between 5:30 and 6:00 am.  Trips are typically 8 hours long, unless limits are attained earlier.  Deckhands clean and bag the salmon for tip money.  You may have your catch vacuum packed, canned, smoked, stored or shipped by a local cannery.

Live Bait ALBACORE TUNA...  Experience the excitement of “hooking-up” to a fast fighting Albacore Tuna.  Fishing has been outstanding in recent years.  Charters usually begin the search for Tuna in July and are successful finding them throughout October.  Fishing for the mighty Albacore occurs from 60 to100 miles offshore and entails both trolling with jig lures and mooching with live bait.  It is said that Westport is the only port on the West Coast to offer “live bait” on all of our trips.  Trips can last anywhere from overnight to several days and fish generally weigh between 15 and 25 lbs. each.  Click the Offshore Fishing Report for current information or contact one or our Charter Boat Services to sign up for a trip. .

FISHING DERBY...  Each summer the Westport Charterboat Association runs a fishing derby offering hundreds of dollars in prizes for the largest Bottom Fish, Salmon, Halibut or Tuna.  Tickets are sold for a nominal fee prior to the day you fish.  It’s always fun to see who will bring in the “Biggest Catch of the Day".  You never know, it may be you!

Contact one of our fine Charter Boat Services for additional information on departure times and pricing.

Fishing limits and seasons are set annually by the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife.  Additional information can be obtained by looking on their Website or by contacting them in Olympia at 1-360-902-2200.


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Onshore Fishing, Crabbing and Clamming

BOAT BASIN SALMON FISHING…  Each spring baby Coho Salmon are raised and released by our local Kiwanis Club into the Westport Boat Basin.  In the fall, returning Coho come back to the basin offering a unique fishing opportunity.  Anglers line the docks casting for these feisty Coho.  Often the fish can be seen swimming in schools throughout the marina.  The Westport/Grayland Chamber of Commerce holds an annual “Boat Basin Fishing Derby” for the largest Coho caught in the boat basin.  Even if you're not a fisherman, you can get caught up in the excitement and cheers when someone hooks into a fish.

JETTY FISHING...  A wide variety of rockfish, including Sea Bass, Greenling, Cabezon, Perch and Ling Cod, can be found along the South Jetty as well as the rock revetments surrounding the marina.  Light to medium tackle is used with good success.  Local businesses can assist you with information about the best times, tides, tackle and bait to use to make your outing a success.

SURF FISHING...  Sea Perch can be found in abundance in the beautiful waters of the South Beach (the Westport, Grayland area).  Incoming tides often bring large schools of feeding fish and the action can become fast and furious.  Check with local merchants for the best times to catch these fish.

FRESH WATER RIVER FISHING...  Within a few minutes drive, Grays Harbor County offers some of the finest freshwater fishing around.  Be sure to check the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife website for specific seasons and limits.

CRABBING FOR ROCK & DUNGENESS CRAB...  Crabbing can be done off of the fishing piers and docks within the boat basin.  This is truly a family sport providing fun for the littlest ones as well as Mom, Dad and the Grandparents.  Many of the dockside businesses rent gear, sell bait and can answer questions about licensing, limits, and availability.

RAZOR CLAMMING...  Spring and Fall Clam Digs along our ocean beaches provide fun and excitement for the entire family.  You can see hundreds of diggers lining the beaches and scooping up these succulent critters during the low tides.  Check the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife website for for seasons, limits, regulations and licensing information.

CLAMMING, OTHER THAN RAZOR...  Just south of the Westport area, along Highway 105, other types of clamming is available in the Willapa River tidal flats.  Look on the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife website for current data on dates, limits and licenses. 

Fishing and Clamming limits and seasons are set annually by the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife.  Additional information can be obtained by looking on their Website or by contacting them in Olympia at 1-360-902-2200.

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