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Current Surf Conditions

Station 46211 - Grays Harbor, WA (036)

December 5, 2019 9:30 pm PST
Location: 46.858N 124.244W
Significant Wave Height: 3.9 ft
Dominant Wave Period: 13 sec
Average Period: 7.3 sec
Mean Wave Direction: WNW (292°)
Water Temperature: 47.3°F (8.5°C)

Westport is visited by people from all over our country and other parts of the world. They come for a variety of reasons. Our beaches offer things of interest for people from all walks of life. Surfing in this area is one of nature's greatest resources. Beach lovers come to play on our sandy beaches, skim board and frolic in our shallows, body board and surf in our waves. Westport's beaches are easily accessed and generally speaking there is almost always a place to paddle out and catch a wave. It may not always be great, but many days are rideable. When the Surf Gods smile Westport can produce a world class wave. Many people travel from inland areas to surf here and there is a growing number of those who reside in and around Westport. People surf all year in Westport, but the winter waters are vacant in comparison to those of summer when our beaches can be filled with highly skilled surfers, surfers who are not highly skilled, and families out for a summer surfing adventure. There are a number of businesses that can service most visitors needs. Have a good surf.

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Due to vandalism, Westportcam images and weather information are not available at this time. However, Rainbow’s End CAM images are still available below.

Marine Forecast
Courtesy University of Washington, Department of Atmospheric Sciences,  see Disclaimer.


Operational Wave Models
Provided by National Centers for Environmental Prediction, NCEP/NOAA.  See Disclaimer.


Information from La Jolla Surf at facs.scripps.edu/surf


Information from La Jolla Surf at facs.scripps.edu/surf




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